How to grow weed indoors for beginners {A complete step-wise guidance}

Here it is none other than your best buddy, which is going to guide you perfectly in the process of growing weed indoors. You are going to be a knowledgeable one very soon!

The most important thing about the growing cannabis indoor is, you need to have the best led grow light in the market right now and then and then you can get the larger yields.

If you are a newbie in this 420 scene, then you do not have to turn on pages on google, just read the content here, and you will not be an unaware one anymore!

Sounds interesting yeah?

Although the process is not at all complicated, still if you do not want to fail, must read this post till the end, without trying to skip a single sentence. I have presented you everything in a simple and easily understandable step-wise format. Once you get knowledge about the basic steps, then, later on, we will provide you with some advanced techniques and tips as well.

But you need to start climbing the first steps of growing weed right now. So, are you ready?

What all equipment and gadgets are required?

Yes, this is where we are going to kick off. Equipment and gadgets are the primary things which you need to know about so that you can make plans according to your budget. Without knowing about these things, you are not going to figure out whether you will be able to cover up everything with that much money in your pocket or not.

The primary needs of the cannabis plants are Light, water, air, nutrients, and a medium for growing. Now the equipment and gadgets which I am going to make you familiar with are going to fulfill all these needs.

1) A container

Container for weed

You have got seeds, plus you have soil as well. So now what? you are definitely going to need a container, which can be a pot, wooden boxes, small buckets, etc. Make sure you do some small holes in that container, to drain out extra water and provide air to the roots. The holes must be of about one-centimeter diameter.

2) A soil pH tester

Soil pH tester.jpg

You have soil, that is Ok, but do you know that all essential nutrients are present in that soil for your weed plants or not? No, you cannot do that without some gadget. That time, a soil pH tester comes in use. It measures the nutrition value of soil, figures out whether the soil is acidic or not, and also measure the amount of light and humidity in the soil.

3) Grow tent

A grow tent is a convenient, reusable grow room made of a strong canvas outside and will more often than not have intelligent inside material to build the adequacy of its implicit develop lights. Grow tents furnish an encased space with at least one grow lights and space to grow an indoor hydroponic garden.

This tent framework likewise offers protection to hold the warmth that the grow lights deliver while animating plant development.

Factors to notice before buying a grow tent

Now, you might be thinking that buying and setting a grow tent is such a difficult task. You are absolutely wrong! There are just a few things you need to notice before you buy a grow tent. Have a look on:


See, there is such heavy competition among various companies regarding providing cheap and best grow tents. The first thing you need to do right before making a purchase has a look in your wallet! See, you have to buy a grow light, which can be expensive, and not just that, many other gadgets are also there to shed the bulk of your wallet. So, choose the one, which is fitting in your budget, plus has the following qualities.

Quality canvas and air-proof

Buy a grow tent only and only from a highly reputed company, as there are much cheap quality grow tents in the market, which do look similar, but are not that durable. Choose the one made up of thick canvas, which is strong enough to save your plants from outer heat or coldness, and keep a stable temperature inside the grow tent.

Perfect stitches and perfect zippers

Grow lights emit high intensity of light, and if the zippers are not cent percent perfectly fitted, then there are all chances of the light bleeding. It means light will come out of the tent into your room. Similarly, stitches must also be perfect, as if your grow tent’s stitches open even a little bit, again the same issue of light bleeding is what you will face! So, check whether your grow tent has got double stitches or not.

Highly reflective material, that too tear proof

The inner part of grow tents is covered with reflective sheets. Inquire about what kind of sheets are used in the grow tent that you have chosen, and how much light is it capable of reflecting back on to your plants. If it is capable of reflecting anything above 90% light, it is good for you.

Similarly, the inner reflecting sheets must be tear-proof, as when you set up your grow tent, it doesn’t get damaged, and you don’t have to spend money on buying reflecting sheets separately.

There are a few other things to notice as well, such as cleaning facility, doors, window, etc.

4) A grow light

For growing anything indoor, you definitely need light, that too in the proper amount. There are many types of grow lights such as fluorescent lights, HID, HPS, MH, etc. but modern day LED grow light is considered the most effective way as they are built to provide all essential wavelengths of light.

Now there are so a lot led grow lights available in the market, which one is suitable for you? See guys, that entirely depends upon what scale of growing project you are looking for. However, we do not have an idea about what are your plans, but we can guide you by explaining some factors to concentrate upon vehicle choosing a fit LED grow light for your weed plants.

Factors to concentrate while buying a LED grow light

Now, choosing a LED grow light for yourself brings a lot of confusion. Don’t feel confused, such have a look at the factors mentioned below, check the LED grow light on all those grounds, and then it will not be difficult for you to choose a perfect LED grow light for yourself.


Yes, the budget is the thing that matters the most. I recommend you to buy your LED grow light before any other types of equipment of the setup. The LED grow light must fit easily in your budget, plus it must not be deficient in anything. So, once you have decided about a price range, look upon some more factors mentioned right below.

Full spectrum of light

Yes, that is the main thing for a LED grow light to do. Weed plants need certain wavelengths of lights, so the first thing to see in a LED grow light is that whether it is capable of providing the required spectrum or not? The one including UV, IR, and white light is the best. You also have to see how well the red and blue light ratio is provided by that LED grow light.

Grow area

You have to see the veg coverage and the bloom coverage of a LED grow light. On, Amazon, you can ask the seller whether the grow area of your selected LED grow light is adequate for the number of plants you want to grow or not. For expanding the grow area in the future, it will be more convenient than your selected LED grow light has got the daisy chaining feature.

Light intensity

Yeah definitely, your grow light needs to be powerful. The intensity of light matters a lot. No matter your plants are getting a full spectrum of light, but if the PAR output is not enough, your plants are not going to thrive the way you want. So, check out how much is the PAR output of the LED grow light for veg and bloom stages. PAR value varies from height to height.

Energy saver

All dominating LED grow light manufacturing companies are trying to build their models in such a way that they give you max output, after sucking minimum power from the wall. So, when you have selected one, surely compare the actual power draw with similar kind models.


Cash in the wallet is the principal thing to check before purchasing a LED develop light. The light should be an ideal one, yet in particular fit in your financial plan, and satisfy every one of your needs too. In this way, whichever lights we have chosen as best driven plant to develop lights are all cost powerful! Every one of them will return you more than your installment, that is my certification!

5) Fans

Plants require outside air to flourish, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is basic to the procedure of photosynthesis. This implies you will require a constant flow of air moving through your develop room, effortlessly accomplished by methods for a fumes fan put close to the highest point of the space to expel the hotter air, and a sifted air bay on the contrary side close to the floor.

You’ll have to guarantee that temperatures stay inside an agreeable range for your plants, between 70 degrees F and 85 degrees F when lights are on and between 58 degrees F and 70 degrees F when they are off.

The measure of your fumes fan will rely upon the span of your develop space and measure of warmth created by your lighting framework.

6) Timer

Light timer.jpg

When you have chosen your lights and atmosphere control gear, you’ll need to robotize their capacities. While there are complex (and costly) units accessible that control lights, temperature, stickiness, and CO2 levels, the amateur will need a basic 24-hour clock for the light and a customizable indoor regulator switch for the exhaust fan.

The planning of the light/dull cycle is vital when developing cannabis; by and large, you will have your lights on for 16-20 hours for each 24-hour time span while the plants are in vegetative development, at that point change to 12 hours of light for every 24 when you need them to blossom.

You require your lights to turn on and off at similar occasions each day, or you chance to focus on your plants, so a clock is fundamental. You can utilize a clock for your fumes fan also, yet putting in a couple of additional dollars on an indoor regulator switch is a vastly improved choice.

7) Watering can plus watering guidance

You can get it from anywhere, and many of you already have it. Instead of explaining about a basic thing as a watering can, you need to know more about the water. You need to follow some precautions while watering your marijuana plant.

The vast majority won’t pull over the water they use on their plants; in the event that you can drink it, it must be fine, isn’t that so? All things considered, it may not be an issue, contingent upon your area, but rather some water contains a high measure of broke down minerals that can develop in the root zone and influence supplement take-up, or it might contain growth or different pathogens that aren’t unsafe to individuals however can prompt root ailment.

Also, a few spots may have large amounts of chlorine in the water supply, which can be unsafe to gainful soil organisms. Consequently, numerous individuals channel the water they use in their patio nurseries.

The most imperative thing to recall amid this stage is not to overwater. Cannabis plants are entirely vulnerable to parasitic root infections when conditions are excessively wet, and overwatering is a standout amongst the most well-known mix-ups made by the starting producer.

How regularly you water your plants will rely upon the medium utilized, size of the plants, and encompassing temperature. A few people will hold up until the point that the lower leaves of the plant begin to hang somewhat before watering. You need to gain proper knowledge and experience, and you will be perfect!


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